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Your yard looked lovely after last year's fall clean-up, however, that was before "Old Man Winter" left his calling card. You may need leaves raked up and taken away, small limbs and twigs removed, and/or scattered clumps of grass and debris, possibly from plow equipment, picked up and taken away.  

There may also be shrubs and perennials that need pruning this time of year; as well as, beds that need re-edging after being damaged.  

Call us to schedule either a Site Review or a Clean-up. We assure you that our experienced landscaping team will fully prepare your yard for the summer ahead.


Keeping your plant beds, their plantings, and your trees and shrubs healthy during the hot, humid summer months, can be challenging. Some shrubs, especially those that flower in early spring and start making flower buds for the next year in mid-summer, should be carefully pruned in  early summer. Most perennials and annuals require some amount of pruning or deadheading during the summer to keep looking their best. In addition, each variety has its own nutrient and watering needs, two of many reasons for you to include mulching at this time also. 

Call us to schedule a Site Review. We assure you that our highly qualified, experienced landscaping team will keep your yard looking beautiful and pristine. 


 Fall is lovely in Maine. The cool, crisp air  becomes filled with the smell of wood burning in fireplaces and wood stoves. Farmstands have replaced fresh vegetables with their fall harvest of pumpkins, squashes, and colorful gourds, and trees holding unpicked, red apples, left for birds and other wildlife to eat, can be seen alongside country roads.


Unfortunately, it's hard to forget the beautiful autumn leaves scattered in small piles all throughout your lawn and plant beds. And then there's the annuals that need to be pulled out, the perennials that need cutting back, and the bulbs that still need planting!  


That is what we are here for. Our landscaping team will clean up your yard and properly put your gardens to bed for the winter to ensure that they will be healthier and more beautiful next year.

Please call us to schedule either a Site Review or a Clean-up.


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