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Christmas Ornaments

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Painted Glass Ornaments

Hand-Blown Glass, Reverse Painted Ornaments

This hand-blown glass collectible is created using the art of reverse painting on glass, an ancient Chinese technique that has been handed down for generations. The artist, carefully and skillfully, through a small opening in the glass, paints each ornament using bent brushes and delicate brush strokes. Each 4 inch diameter piece is an original and no two pieces are identical.

These ornaments are made locally.

Lovell Ornaments

Lovell Designs Ornaments

These lovely, highly-polished pewter ornaments are designed and hand-made by a local artist, Ken Kantro, in Lovell, Maine. For over 40 years, his pieces have been influenced by the beauty and fluidity of Celtic and Asian art.


Your ornament will arrive packed in a gift box along with a red ribbon for hanging.

Pewter Ornamens

Pewter Ornaments

These beautiful pure pewter ornaments, some of which include Maine scenes, are designed and handcrafted by a local, family-owned, family-operated business. Each ranges in size between 2 ½ to 2 ¾ inches.

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