Ghosts of Wallingford Hall


George Wallingford's tombstoneA shadow, a figure, a bump in the night;

a creak, a crack, can give such a fright.

The ghosts of soldiers, little girls, and town folk

supposedly roam, without a word spoke.

Some hear them, some see them, and some don't believe.

Mary Wallingford's tombstoneAre they here by free will? Can they choose to leave?

For they come without warning, with an uncertain need;

their presence is eerie, and they pay us no heed.

Though they died long ago, we fear they're still here;

but the next time they come, will you be near?

by Hayley Johnson, age 15, Wallingford Farm employee

Are there ghosts in old, historic Wallingford Hall?

Some of our employees have seen them!

If your curiosity is too much for you to bear, then visit old Wallingford Hall and find out for yourself.


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