Choose from our wide assortment of natural seashells. These beautiful shells can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your holiday designs, home decor, or craft projects. For details on sizes and prices of these shells, click here or stop by the farm. To order and have them shippped, please call 207-985-2112 and ask for Charles.

Red Abalone seashell
Green Abalone seashell
Small Abalone seashell
Donkey Ear seashell
Assorted Tree Snail shells
Red Abalone
Green Abalone
Small Abalone
Donkey Ear
Assorted Tree Snails
Scotch Bonnet seashell
Striped Bonnet seashell
Brown Bonnet seashell
Pecten Pallium seashell
Cherry Landon Snail shells
Scotch Bonnet
Striped Bonnet
Brown Bonnet
Pecten Pallium
Cherry Landon Snails
Silver Mouth Turbo seashell
Snakeskin Turbo seashell
Green Turbo Burgess seashell
Pearled Turbo Burgess seashell
Conus Literatus seashell
Silver Mouth Turbo
Snakeskin Turbo
Green Turbo Burgess
Pearled Turbo Burgess
Conus Litteratus
Cinnamon Bun seashell
Noble Volute seashell
Fox Conch seashell
Large Murex seashell
Small Pink Murex seashell
Cinnamon Bun
Noble Volute
Fox Conch
Large Murex
Pink Murex
Left-handed Whelk seashell
Cameo Helmut seashell
Lambis Chiragua seashell
Lambis Truncata seashell
Left-handed Whelk
Cameo Helmut
Lambis Truncata
Lion Paw seashell
Irish Deep seashell
Sea Heart seashell
Polished Freshwater Clam seashell
Polished Clam
Lion Paw
Irish Deep
Sea Heart
Freshwater Clam
Polished Clam
Alphonso Urchin seashell
Green Urchin seashell
Pink Urchin seashell
Lavender Urchin seashell
Daffodil: Dutch Master
Alphonso Urchin
Green Urchin
Pink Urchin
Lavender Urchin
Sputnik Urchin
Maine Sand Dollar
Florida Sand Dollar
Arrowhead seashell
Sea Cookie seashell
Sea Biscuit seashell
Maine Sand Dollar
Florida Sand Dollar
Sea Cookie
Sea Biscuit
Finger Star starfish
Knobby Star starfish
Jungle Star starfish
Sugar Star starfish
Natural Finger Star starfish
Finger Star
Knobby Star
Jungle Star
Sugar Star
Finger Star


Seashell Ornaments


Red Abalone seashell ornament Small Abalone seashell ornament White Spindle seashell ornament
Red Abalone Ornament Small Abalone Ornament White Spindle Ornament
Irish Deep seashell ornament Sea Heart seashell ornament Maine Sand Dollar seashell ornament
Irish Deep Ornament Sea Heart Ornament Maine Sand Dollar Ornament
Florida Sand Dollar seashell ornament Arrowhead seashell ornament Sea Biscuit seashell ornament
Florida Sand Dollar Ornament Arrowhead Ornament Sea Biscuit Ornament
Finger Star seashell ornament Knobby Star seashell ornament Sugar Star seashell ornament
Finger Star Ornament Knobby Star Ornament Sugar Star Ornament